The San Francisco Olympians Festival is returning and will need dozens of actors for its 2017 festival which plays October 4 to October 21.

No Nude Men Productions, one of San Francisco’s longest running indy theater troupes, will roll out 36 new plays written by 30 local writers. The plays range from shorts to one-acts to full-lengths, and each one explores a different legend or god from Egyptian, Mesopotamian, or Latin mythology.

Each of these 36 plays will receive a dramatic reading at the EXIT Theater, and for that we’ll need actors, so if you’re the kind of person who can rock a dramatic reading, we’d love to have you join us in a continuing tradition of creating exciting new work that showcases the diverse talents of some of San Francisco’s best playwrights!

Rehearsals will all be in September and October, and will involve 3-5 MAX for each show.

Auditions are Sunday, August 27, 2 PM to 8:30 PM, and Monday, August 28, 7-9:30 PM, at the EXIT. Please e-mail to schedule an audition slot.

Auditions will consist of reading aloud passages of text we choose ahead of time. Please bring a headshot and resume. Leave yourself at least half an hour to get through the audition process.

There is a small stipend, determined by attendance each night of the festival (i.e. you get a percentage of the box office).

If scheduling permits (and you’re interested), all actors will be considered for multiple plays.

Actors of all identities encouraged to audition! We have excellent opportunities for a wide variety of performers!

For more information about the festival and the individual plays and authors, check out

Please pass this on to any actors you may know!

Sorry, but we can not use AEA performers for this event.

This year’s writers are: Sam Bertken, Stuart Bousel, Lori Chapman, Megan Cohen, Alan Coyne, Daphne Dorman, Bridgette Dutta Portman, Barry Eitel, Patsy Fergusson, Elizabeth Flannagan, Vanessa Flores, Neil Higgins, Cynthia Hussey, Michelle Elaine Ianiro, Nicole Jost, Barbara Jwanouskos, Dan Kurtz, Stacey Matthews-Winn, Jason Mendez, Patricia Morin, Laylah Muran de Assereto, Tonya Narvaez, Jeanie Ngo, Erin Marie Panttaja, Jake Rosenberg, Kirk Shimano, Christian Simonsen, Marissa Skudlarek, Nic Sommerfeld, Meg Trowbridge

This year’s directors are: Megan Briggs, Megan Cohen, Jeremy Cole, Cynthia Hussey, Michelle Elaine Ianiro, Sara Judge, Christine Keating, Juliana Lustenader, Nicole Meñez, Allison Page, Genevieve Perdue, Sara Razavi, Casey Robbins, Kirk Shimano, Monique Thomas, Alejandro Torres, ShawnJ West

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