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The San Francisco Olympians Festival is returning and will need dozens of actors for its 2017 festival which plays October 4 to October 21.

No Nude Men Productions, one of San Francisco’s longest running indy theater troupes, will roll out 36 new plays written by 30 local writers. The plays range from shorts to one-acts to full-lengths, and each one explores a different legend or god from Egyptian, Mesopotamian, or Latin mythology.

Each of these 36 plays will receive a dramatic reading at the EXIT Theater, and for that we’ll need actors, so if you’re the kind of person who can rock a dramatic reading, we’d love to have you join us in a continuing tradition of creating exciting new work that showcases the diverse talents of some of San Francisco’s best playwrights!

Rehearsals will all be in September and October, and will involve 3-5 MAX for each show.

Auditions are Sunday, August 27, 2 PM to 8:30 PM, and Monday, August 28, 7-9:30 PM, at the EXIT. Please e-mail to schedule an audition slot.

Auditions will consist of reading aloud passages of text we choose ahead of time. Please bring a headshot and resume. Leave yourself at least half an hour to get through the audition process.

There is a small stipend, determined by attendance each night of the festival (i.e. you get a percentage of the box office).

If scheduling permits (and you’re interested), all actors will be considered for multiple plays.

Actors of all identities encouraged to audition! We have excellent opportunities for a wide variety of performers!

For more information about the festival and the individual plays and authors, check out

Please pass this on to any actors you may know!

Sorry, but we can not use AEA performers for this event.

This year’s writers are: Sam Bertken, Stuart Bousel, Lori Chapman, Megan Cohen, Alan Coyne, Daphne Dorman, Bridgette Dutta Portman, Barry Eitel, Patsy Fergusson, Elizabeth Flannagan, Vanessa Flores, Neil Higgins, Cynthia Hussey, Michelle Elaine Ianiro, Nicole Jost, Barbara Jwanouskos, Dan Kurtz, Stacey Matthews-Winn, Jason Mendez, Patricia Morin, Laylah Muran de Assereto, Tonya Narvaez, Jeanie Ngo, Erin Marie Panttaja, Jake Rosenberg, Kirk Shimano, Christian Simonsen, Marissa Skudlarek, Nic Sommerfeld, Meg Trowbridge

This year’s directors are: Megan Briggs, Megan Cohen, Jeremy Cole, Cynthia Hussey, Michelle Elaine Ianiro, Sara Judge, Christine Keating, Juliana Lustenader, Nicole Meñez, Allison Page, Genevieve Perdue, Sara Razavi, Casey Robbins, Kirk Shimano, Monique Thomas, Alejandro Torres, ShawnJ West



All dates in 2018!

Week One: IMPERIAL WORLD (10/3-10/6)

Wednesday, October 3: The Way In
Full Length: Janus- Ai Ebashi*

Thursday, October 4: The Venerable Father
Full Length: Saturn- John Elison*

Friday, October 5: Capitoline Triad
Full Length: Jupiter/Juno/Minerva- Laylah Muran De Assereto

Saturday, October 6: The Prodigal Son
Full Length: Mars- John Lennon Harrison
Curtain Warmer: Cupid- Jason Mendez
Curtain Warmer: Psyche- Terezi Harrison*

Week Two: DIVINE DESCENT (10/10-10/13)

Wednesday, October 10: The Legacy
Full Length: Aeanus- Stuart Bousel

Thursday, October 11: The Founders
One-Act: Romulus- John Patrick Bray*
One-Act: Remus- Jessica Chisum*

Friday, October 12: The Inheretors
One-Act: Julius Cesar- Allison Page
One-Act: Octavian Augustus- Nic Sommerfeld

Saturday, October 13: The Origin
Full-Length: Venus- Christine Keating
Curtain Warmer: Bellona- Bridgette Dutta Portman
Curtain Warmer: Victoria- Annette Roman

Week Three: HEARTH & TOWN & COUNTRY & TOMB (10/17-10/20)

Wednesday, October 17: The Secret Keeper
Full Length: Vesta- Veronica Tjioe

Thursday, October 18: Gods! Gods! Gods!

Short: Neptune- Elizabeth Flanagan
Short: Mercury- Nicole Jost
Short: Apollo- Kirk Shimano
Short: Vulcan- Casey Busher*
Short: Sol- Christian Simonsen and Lisa Kee-Hamasaki*
Short: Quirinus- Eve Edelson*
Short: Dis- Maury Zeff*
Short: Faunus- Meghan Trowbrdige O’Connor

Friday, October 19: Aventine Triad
Full Length: Ceres/Liber/Libera- Barry Eitel

Saturday, October 20: The Triple Goddess
Full Length: Diana- Libby Emmons*
Curtain Warmer: Luna- Neil Higgins
Curtain Warmer: Trivia- Alan Coyne


A SERIAL: Cleopatra- Carson Beker and Nara Dahlbacka*

* First time writing for the festival.




Want to write for the Olympians Festival?

Well, now is your chance!

We are now accepting submissions for the 2018 San Francisco Olympians Festival, a multi-discipline, nationally and internationally recognized new works theater festival based at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco!

Proposals due by midnight on May 15th, with the line-up for next year’s festival to be announced 7/1/2017. Our first meeting will be on December 12 of 2017.

The festival will take place in October of 2018, from October 3-October 20, Wedesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at 8 PM, at the EXIT Theatre in San Francisco.

Each night of the festival will consist of the staged reading of either a full-length play or a series of shorts, inspired by the mythical gods and heroes of Ancient Greece, and those cultures which influenced it or were influenced by it. The subjects, and the lengths of the plays we’re looking for, are specified below.

There are no submission fees. The Olympians Festival is non-exclusive and does not retain ownership of any play created for it, beyond the initial staged reading. Participating writers receive a portion of their box office the night of the reading, and will be expected to help promote the festival and contribute a raffle prize of their choice to be raffled off to the audience on the night their play is read. Local writers or their designated representatives are also expected to attend 4-6 meetings over the course of the year, and our auditions, which happen in August.

Writers are encouraged to submit as many proposals as they want for as many topics as they like. Applications for a topic can be submitted by individuals or writers can work in pairs, or teams of three or more. Writers may be picked for more than one project, and should note that they’d like to be considered for more than one (or not). Each proposal should be 500 words or less and answer three questions:

1) Why you?
2) Why this figure?
3) What is your idea?

All proposals should be submitted electronically to Stuart at

We are an equal opportunity festival and all Bay Area writers are encouraged to apply. Additionally for this year, in the Roman spirit of inclusion and amalgamation of outside cultures and traditions, we will accept proposals from up to SIX NATIONAL WRITERS. So if you’re a US playwright and want to be a part of the festival, now is your chance. These guest slots are not pre-determined, so apply to whatever strikes your fancy, and specify you are a playwright from outside of the Bay Area.

2018′s subjects are as follows. Only one is currently claimed and submissions are encouraged for all of the rest:


Week One: IMPERIAL WORLD (10/3-10/6)

Wednesday, October 3: The Way In
Full Length: Janus, two-faced god of beginnings, endings, keys, doors, luck, the past and the future. A very Roman God if ever there was one.

Thursday, October 4: The Venerable Father
Full Length: Saturn, the father of Jupiter, but unlike his Greek counterpart Chronus, Saturn became the ruler of the blessed realms, eternally golden, a kind of benevolent grandfather figure.

Friday, October 5: Capitoline Triad
Full Length: Jupiter/Juno/Minerva, were a trio of gods acting in tandem who symbolized the ideal Romans- a strong and just patriarch, a kind and gracious matriarch, and a clever but dutiful daughter.

Saturday, October 6: The Prodigal Son
Full Length: Mars, the center of Roman society was the warrior, the Centurion who conquered the world for Rome, and Mars was the god of war and warriors, Roman power, and the Roman way of life.

Curtain Warmer: Bellona, attendant of Mars, she was an ancient Etruscan goddess of war who was given a subordinate position in Roman Society.

Curtain Warmer: Victoria, another attendant of Mars, she was the winged goddess of Victory!

Week Two: DIVINE DESCENT (10/10-10/13)

Wednesday, October 10: The Legacy
Full Length:
Aeanus, the refuge Trojan prince from whom the people of Rome were said to be descended. (TAKEN)

Thursday, October 11: The Founders
Romulus, the great hero for whom Rome was named, founder of the city, raised by wolves.

One-Act: Remus, his twin brother.

Friday, October 12: The Inheretors
One-Act: Julius Cesar
, the famous Roman emperor murdered on the Ides of March, who was also the first historical Roman to be deified after his death.

One-Act: Octavian Augustus, Cesar’s heir, he was considered the greatest Emperor to ever live, by some, and a tyrant by others. He became the second historical Roman to achieve god status after death.

Saturday, October 13: The Origin
Full-Length: Venus
, goddess of love and beauty, the consort of Mars, she was said to be the mother of Aeneas and thus the rulers of Rome traced their lineage back to her and claimed divine right as a result.

Curtain Warmer: Cupid, winged god of love, son of Venus and Mars.

Curtain Warmer: Psyche, the embodiment of the soul and wife of Cupid, her story is Greek (like her name) but it was immportalized by the Roman poet Apuleius.

Week Three: HEARTH & TOWN & COUNTRY & TOMB (10/17-10/20)

Wednesday, October 17: The Secret Keeper
Full Length: Vesta, goddess of the hearth and fire, she represented the average Roman and the aristocrat, the slave and the Centurion alike, for she was the embodiment of the Roman Home.

Thursday, October 18: Gods! Gods! Gods!

Short: Neptune, god of the sea and ships.

Short: Mercury, god of commerce and the messenger of the gods.

Short: Apollo, god of music, poetry, healing, and the “gentle arts”.

Short: Vulcan, god of blacksmiths and craftsmen.

Short: Sol, god of the Sun and the watchman of Truth.

Short: Quirinus, protector of the Roman state and god of lawyers.

Short: Dis, the king of the dead.

Short: Faunus, the god of the countryside, and a faun!

Friday, October 19: Aventine Triad
Full Length: Ceres/Liber/Libera, were a trio of gods who acted in tandem in concern with all things agricultural and growing, from grain to wine, to plants and animal husbandry.

Saturday, October 20: The Triple Goddess
Full Length: Diana
, the virgin goddess of hunting and the wild, sister of Apollo, a mysterious entity said to have three forms. On the earth, she was Diana.

Curtain Warmer: Luna, was said to be Diana in the sky, and was goddess of the moon.

Curtain Warmer: Trivia, was said to be Diana in the underworld, and was the goddess of witches, magic, crossroads, and secrets.


A SERIAL: Cleopatra, the original goddess/priestess/queen/witch/warrior/lover/spy/whore archetype, she transcends pretty much everything, including history, and she was a major thorn in the side of the Roman Empire, at a key moment in the transition from Republic to Imperial State. She declared herself the goddess of the sky, during her lifetime, and named her twins by Mark Anthony, Selene and Helios as a not-to-subtle reminder that she was more than human. This year we offer an exceptional challenge for this exceptional woman: proposals must be for a serial, written either by one author, or a group of writers. 8 ten minute episodes, one to be performed at the start of the night on October 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12, 17 and 19.

Length Guidelines:
Curtain Warmer: 5-8 minutes long
Short: 10-15 minutes long
One-Act (night of 2): 45-70 minutes long
Full-Length: 55+ minutes
Serial: 8, 10 minutes or less parts

Find out more about the festival at or visit us on Facebook and Twitter.

Under Construction

Hello, and welcome to the San Francisco Olympians Festival website! We’ll be updating and adding to this website over the next few days and weeks! Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, here is this year’s line-up! Please join us at the EXIT Theatre this October for SF Olympians VIII!


Week One: EGYPT (10/4-10/7)

Wednesday, October 4: Divine Prince
Full Length: Horus- Jason Mendez

Thursday, October 5: Courtiers
One-Act: Thoth- Michelle Elaine Ianiro *
One-Act: Bastet- Alan Coyne

Friday, October 6: River Protectors/Desert Dwellers
Short: Heket- Vanessa Flores *
Short: Hatmehit- Patsy Fergusson
Short: Sobek- Nicole Jost *
Short: Tawawert- Erin Marie Panttaja *
Short: Wadjet- Dan Kurtz *
Short: Hedetet- Bridgette Dutta Portman 
Short: Babi- Lori Chapman * 
Short: Wepwawet- Patricia Morin * 

Saturday, October 7: Dual Divinity
One-Act: Hathor- Laylah Muran de Assereto 
One-Act: Sekhmet- Daphne Dorman * 

Week Two: MESOPOTAMIA (10/11-10/14)

Wednesday, October 11: Earth
One-Act: Ereshkigal- Cynthia Hussey *
One-Act: Mummu- Kirk Shimano

Thursday, October 12: Water
One-Act: Abzu- Megan Cohen 
One-Act: Tiamat- Kendra Arimoto-Maselli

Friday, October 13: Fire
Full-Length: Ishtar- Barry Eitel *

Saturday, October 14: Air
One-Act: Shamash- Jake Rosenberg *
One-Act: Enlil- Nic Sommerfeld *
One-Act: Hadad- Jeanie Ngo
One-Act: Nanna-Sin- Barbara Jwanouskos

Week Three: LATIUM (10/18-10/21)

Wednesday, October 18: The Secret Keeper
Full Length: Janus- Sam Bertken

Thursday, October 19: Attendants of Grove And Field
Short: Flora- Meg Trowbridge
Short: Feronia- Meg Trowbridge
Short: Portunes- Tonya Narvaez 
Short: Pales- Christian Simonsen 
Short: Volturnus- Tonya Narvaez 
Short: Pomona- Stacey Matthews-Winn *
Short: Vortumnus- Stacey Matthews-Winn *
Short: Fontus- Christian Simonsen 

Friday, October 20: Queens of Temple And Hall
One-Act: Fortuna I- Neil Higgins
One-Act: Carmenta- Marissa Skudlarek 
One-Act: Fortuna II- Bridgette Dutta Portman
One-Act: Salus- Elizabeth Flannagan

Saturday, October 21: The Proto-Savior
Full Length: Adonis- Stuart Bousel

* First time writing for the festival.

What Is The SF Olympians Festival? 

The San Francisco Olympians Festival has been gaining momentum since its first year, with sixteen plays that were commissioned by the festival having gone on to full productions: 2010’s Hermes (No Nude Men Productions, Dramaworks, Bread and Water Theatre), Juno En Victoria (Wily West Productions), and Salty Towers (Thunderbird Theater Company); 2011’s Cassiopeia (Eat Street Players), Chronus (Bread and Water Theatre), You’re Going To Bleed (DIVAFest), Io (Off The Cliff Productions), and Pleiades (No Nude Men Productions); 2012’s Caeneus and Poseidon (Dragon Theatre) and Twins (PianoFight Productions); 2013’s Take Me Home: a One-woman Odyssey (Salon San Carlos, Lucy Tafler Presents, The Edinburgh Fringe Festival); 2014’s Satyr Night Fever (San Francisco Theater Pub), Centaur or The Horse’s Ass (Repurposed Theatre), and The Dryad of Suburbia (PianoFight); 2015’s Cymopoleia or Wave Walker (Pear Avenue Theatre), and Brizo (EXIT Theatre). Many have also received additional readings on local and national stages, or other development or workshop opportunities, including: 2010’s Juno En Victoria (Pacific Play Company); 2011’s Joe Ryan (Impact Theatre), Pleiades (Atlantic Stage), Io (Eat Street Players), and Selene, or Someone Like The Moon (EXIT Theatre); 2012’s Caeneus and Poseidon (Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco, City Lights Theater), and Twins (San Francisco State, Custom Made Theatre Company); 2013’s Under The Gods’ Golden Cleats (Dramatist Guild); 2014’s Beauty Secrets (Cutting Ball Theatre Company); 2015’s You’ll Not Feel The Drowning and Oceanus (Custom Made Theatre Company) and Ino Leucothea (Red Bull Theatre); 2016’s Ceres En Victoria (The Swedish American Hall), Lethe (Artists at Albatross Reach), Drumming With Anubis (Left Edge Theater Company), and Erinyes/Eumenides (Custom Made Theatre Company). Additionally, 2015’s You’ll Not Feel The Drowning was the recipient of the Custom Made Theatre Company’s New Development Program Workshop in 2017. 2013’s Walls Of Troy was a finalist for the Stanley Drama Award and the entire festival won “Playwriting Series Most Likely to Win a Gold Medal” from the SF Bay Guardian in 2013. Additionally, EXIT Press has released a collection of five plays from Year One of the festival, Songs of Hestia, and ten plays from Year Two, Heavenly Bodies, both available for purchase on and at bookstores across the country. Find out more at

Since 2010 the festival has featured the work of 97 Writers, 74 Directors, 388 Actors, and 39 Fine Artists!