Thank You to our 2019 donors!

We couldn’t be here each year without all of our amazing donors, which include but are not limited to:

Brian Babbitt
Naseem Badiey
Carson Beker
Megan Briggs 
Louise Castaldi 
Kirsten Disse
Laura Domingo 
Juliana Egley
Robert Estes
Stephanie Ann Foster
Matt Gunnison
Valerie Hilshorst
Naoma Hornburg
Thomas Ignatius
Molly Kag 
Susan Kanther-Raz
Brian Katz
Christine Keating
Astra Kim
Lucy Knight
Pearl Lee Short
Carl Lucania
Stacey Matthews-Winn
Lana Palmer 
Christian Pizzirani
Genevieve Perdue
Bridgette Portman 
Annette Roman
Kim Saunders 
Andrew Sha 
Marissa Skudlarek
Elizabeth Spreen 
Wolfgang Weber
Chad Weider


Paul Anderson from Trotsky Manor, keeper of cat treats who Placated the Princess Frankie-Pants.

Mary Ann Bell & Joseph Skudlarek from the Pacific Northwest, Keepers of the Faith, who help pay the freight.

Chris Quintos Cathcart from The 650, keeper of The Truth, who destroyed the page.

Andrew Chung from the City of Daly, keeper of the snark, who slew the bottle of tequila.

Michael Johnson from the Land of Enchantment, keeper of the spirit, who wandered the cosmos.

Dan Kurtz from Woods of the West, keeper of Distractions, who Swalloped the Cod.

Kirk Shimano from the Frozen Wastes of Vancouver, keeper of the cutest Chiweenie ever, who rendered the cape of Darth Vader.

Meghan Trowbridge from the land of slush and swamps, keeper of too many tote bags, who stole library books.

and, as always,


Thanks for your incredible support, everyone!