Enlil will blow you away! Really. Enlil is the god of breath and wind. That breeze that blows the fog into this city, that’s Enlil. Enlil is also the god of distance and height. Not only can he blow you away he can tell you how high and how far you went. Basically, Enlil is a breezy guy.

There are so many phrases; the wind in my sails, a breath of fresh air, that refer to being refreshed by the wind or the air. The idea that Enlil could come into a characters life, and literally put the wind back in their sails. Someone who’s lost their way and the god(ess) who brings a breathe of fresh air into their life.

ENLIL by Nic Sommerfeld
Directed by Christine Keating
Staged Reading on October 14, 2017 at the EXIT Theatre

Teresita Brown (Enlil)

Ann Kendrick (Maggie)

Shannon Alane Harger (April)

Ittai Geiger (Stage Directions)

Nic Sommerfeld is an actor and playwright from Montana. They graduated from Santa Clara University with an emphasis in acting and playwriting. Their plays have been performed at USF and Shotz . Nic is also a member of the Playground writers pool. By day Nic is a Segway Tour Guide at Fisherman’s Wharf or Vodka Expert at Hangar 1. Nic is excited to be writing for Olympians for the first time this year!

The image of Enlil was created by Cody A. Rishell.