Luna was the divine embodiment of the Moon. She was not the goddess of the Moon or the night, but the Moon itself. Sometimes she was her own goddess, listed by Varro and Vrigil as one of the 12 most important Roman gods of agriculture. Varro also counter her among the twenty principle gods of Rome. The fifth century writer Macrobius proposed that Luna was one of the gods who served as the secret guardians and protectors of Rome. Sometimes she was inexorably paired with Sol, the Sun, to, together, embody the reach of the Roman Empire. Sometimes she was part of a triplicate goddess, and sometimes just an aspect of another goddess. Luna was many things and ever changing, like the Moon she embodied.

Using the elusive character of the goddess Luna as inspiration, this play will explore the imprecise and ineffective nature of language.

LUNA by Neil Higgins
Directed by Stuart Bousel
Staged Reading on October 20, 2018 at the EXIT Theatre

Mikl Em (Stage Directions)

Sarah Negrón (Diana)

Renee Rogoff (Trivia)

Lauren Yellow (Luna)

Neil is an actor, writer, and director who has been making theatre in San Francisco for over a decade. He has written for the Olympians festival ever year since the second year. He is also on he board and steering committee of Left Coast Theatre, a non-profit LGBTQ+ theatre company.

The image of Luna was created by Cody Rishell.