Octavian Augustus

Octavian Augustus was the adopted son and heir to Julius Caesar. In 27 BC he became Emperor and ruled over the Roman Empire for 40 years. He was both a controversial and effective ruler, and is considered by some to be the Roman Empire’s greatest Emperor. After his death, the Senate declared Octavian a god. Thus, he joined the ranks of Roman gods, along with Julius Caesar, who was also deified after his death.

Nic Sommerfeld was originally interested in writing about Octavian Augustus to explore the relationship between Octavian and Mark Antony. Nic found the tension between the two to be, let’s say, alluring. Therefore, for this year’s play, Nic plans to explore the dramatic and sexual tension between Octavian Augustus and Mark Antony. With a bit of a comic twist.

OCTAVIAN AUGUSTS by Nic Sommerfeld
Directed by Kieran Beccia
Staged Reading on October 12, 2018 at the EXIT Theatre

Eric Bergland (David)

Christy Conway (Gaius)

Michael Houston (Octavian)

Sophia Lanza-Weil (Sir Nancy)

Rachel Levy (Julie)

Will Livingston (Antony)

Nicole Odell (Quintus)

Ely Orquiza (Publius)

Nic Sommerfeld is honored to be writing again for The Olympians Festival! Though originally from Montana, Nic is a Santa Clara University graduate who lives in Oakland. They have written for Playground, Killing My Lobster, Shotz, and UCSF; this year, one of their plays was selected for the Best Of Playground Festival. They are also an actor, haberdasher, and Segway tour guide.

The image of Augustus Caesar was created by Cody Rishell.