In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet was the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. Originally the warrior goddess of Upper Egypt, she was depicted as a lioness. Her name means “the one who is powerful” and she was also known as “the one before whom evil trembles” and “goddess of vengeance.”

In Daphne Dorman’s play “Checkmate”, the duality of the goddess Sekhmet is examined through the tale of Leona, a young reporter who uncovers some disturbing truths about Secret Service agents protecting the first female President of the United States. The play challenges us to explore our own relationships with compassion and indifference, unit and community, the universal and the unique. Can there be universal truth without universal perception? Can there be survival without conflict?

SEKHMET by Daphne Dorman
Directed by Daphne Norman
Staged Reading on October 7, 2017 at the EXIT Theatre

Andrew Calabrese (Alan)

Alisha Ehrlich (Leona)

Jan Gilbert (Kate)

Kyle McReddie (Michael)

Daphne Dorman is an actress, writer, and software engineer. Her credits include previous performances with SF Olympains, as well as B8 Theatre Company, On The Spot, and Pint-Sized Theatre, and several local films.

The image of Sekhmet was created by Emily C. Martin.